• It’s That Time of Year

    It’s that time of year when families get together and spend time with their loved ones. The holiday cheer is in full gear and it is easy to get distracted amidst all the excitement. It is also that time of the year where there is generally an increase in the number of auto accidents. There can be a multitude of reasons which can cause auto accidents in Florida. This may sound cliché, however, it is definitely worth repeating when driving on the open road this time of year some of the tips we have put together to stay safe while driving on the open road in Florida this holiday season:

    No Texting While Driving:

    We all love to multi-task. Texting while driving is one of the worst things you can do that puts yourself, your family, and others at risk for an accident. Hold off on texting until you get to a safe place when you have arrived to your destination. Texting while driving has been on the rise and has also been the unfortunate culprit of many traffic fatalities in Florida.

    Drinking & Driving:

    One drink is too much. You need to be 100% cognizant while driving. Designate someone in the family to drive back, consider using a ride sharing service, take a taxi, or find a hotel that is close to your destination so you can use a ride sharing service to get there cheaply. There is no excuse to driving while impaired you put yourself and others at risk. Keep an eye out for others on the road and stay vigilant.

    Get Plenty of Rest:

    Preparing for a long drive the night before or the day of your holiday celebrations can take a toll and leave you exhausted. Get plenty of rest prior to your festivities. You will need to be well-rested when you take that long drive to or from your destination. Even if you are not the one driving, being a passenger can helpful by warning the driver of any road hazards. It also helps to have a co-captain in the passenger seat during the late-night drive back home.


    Make sure you have adequate insurance and have paid your premiums. I can’t tell you how many times it has broken my heart to see a family injured in an auto accident and not have any or enough insurance to cover their injuries. South Florida has many drivers who, unfortunately, drive without or not enough insurance. Speak to your insurance agent to ensure you have enough insurance. Holiday shopping and festivities can take up your time. Make sure you have paid your premiums to make sure you have coverage while driving on these hectic roads.

    If you have been involved in an accident this holiday season, it can turn the best time of the year into the worst. If you or a loved one has been in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, give us a call at no cost to see how we may serve you. Be safe, be merry, and most importantly…Happy Holidays from us at Simon & Zacharewski.

    Simon E. Pineres, Esq.